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All About Rooted

Thank you for taking the time visit my space. Here at Rooted  with Ruby it is my mission to bring back the divinity of caring for houseplants, the growing knowledge and curiosity, as well as the healing power nature & rooting bring. It was just a year ago (2020) when I became so engulfed in the therapeutic energy in caring and growing houseplants. I also dabbled in a bit of gardening, harvesting a few veggies...

I would like to share with you, while you share with me, the experience of houseplants! I am here to learn, listen, answer questions, research, grow and create a space for all plants lovers and enthusiasts to simply vibe. I have so many plans for us! I am by no means a 'KNOW IT ALL", but I am lover of all things nature, so I take pride in the knowledge this plant journey brings.

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Connecting People to Plants

As a plant healer, lover, enthusiast and product alchemist, I’ve come to innerstand the value in the process of life, plants, nature, grounding, growing and rooting. All of which aid deeply in the healing! My goal is to share this journey with you, my community as we heal generations current & past and learn to care for ourselves as well as plants. 

This Is Us

My name Ruby and I am the owner of Rooted with Ruby. I offer an array of houseplants, houseplant products, houseplant help and house-calls, residential and commercial plant interior design, as well as holistic healing through the care of houseplants! 


There is Healing In Houseplants!


Let’s Get Rooted! - Ruby

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